1993 Toyota Supra Mk2 Supra Targa Hatchback

Looking For a Supra Investment?

In the mid ’90s, Toyota released a full-fledged GT car for the masses — a top of the line, analog masterpiece that not only took the world by storm, but became a staple in the auto community as the standard in World Beaters. It’s called the Toyota Supra and It is appreciating in value daily and It is quite possibly the most reliable sports car ever made.

Recently on eBay, a 1993 2dr Hatchback Supra with a salvage title and just over 71,000 miles fetched a price of just over $40,000. 

These cars are appreciating at a fast pace, partially because they are not

made anymore, lets clarify, currently Toyota launched the next generation Supra, with a BMW engine,,,,which by Supra purists is just a downright crime. Consequently, the 1990’s Supra is a very hot commodity and are being bought up at an outrageous pace.

Today I have a 1993 second generation Mk2 Supra Targa Hatchback  with just over 28,000 miles. This Japanese street legal car is just a fraction of the price of Super brand names sport cars like Ferrari, Lamborghini, etc.  The Mk2 was first built in 1993 until 1998 in North America. Factory horsepower is 320. What I have, is an unmolested ( Virgin Supra) it has never been modified for street or legal racing. This car is a clean California car with no rust, original 28,000 miles. The engine is in great condition and low miles and the transmission shifts like the F-16 fighter shown in pictures. Tires are in great condition, and the AC is Supra cold. If you need more details or information about this car please give me a call.