1997 Toyota Supra

Seller Unknown Phone Unknown Email CLICK HERE Link CLICK HERE Make Toyota
Model Supra Year 1997 Cylinders Engine Horsepower HP
Miles 60793 Miles Location Unknown Condition Used Title Unknown Price $35000

1997 Supra SZ-R
Chassis Number: JZA80-1000383
Paint: Royal Sapphire Pearl (8L5 aka RSP)
97,270 Kilometers (60,793 miles)
1/77 RSP SZ-R
1/43 RSP SZ-R 1997 cars
1/372 RSP RHD 6-speed cars

I currently own three JAZ80 Supras, and while I would love to keep all of them, at this point in time it is just not feasible, justifiable, nor sane to have all three. I imported this vehicle from Japan and I am the first and only owner of the vehicle in North America.

For those of you unfamiliar with the SZ-R model, it was an NA model with the 2JZ-GE that, when optioned with the manual transmission in ‘96+, came with the Getrag 6-speed (V161) and LSD from the factory. This car also came with the large TT brakes.
According to The Supra Registry, there were 690 Royal Sapphire Pearl Supras produced on a global scale. This is one of those 690 cars, and one of 77 RSP SZ-R cars. I spent three years looking for a factory RSP car that fit all my criteria: RSP, V160/V161, less than 100,000 kilometres, and a grade 4.0. After a couple years of looking globally, and closely following the auctions in Japan, this car finally came up for auction in Yokohama, Japan. I bid aggressively in order to win the car, as this was the first one I had found that fit my criteria.

I purchased this vehicle with the plan for this to be my ‘forever’ Supra. As chance would have it, I recently purchased a ’98 RZ RSP car. While keeping both would be wonderful, I just can’t justify it. I am choosing to invest money into the RZ car and let this SZ-R car go.

Often cars in Japan run water for coolant, and I was concerned about freezing temperatures during shipping, and potentially cracking the engine block.

Before making the journey to Canada, I had the oil changed, and the coolant replaced to avoid any issues of it freezing and cracking the radiator or engine block.

I took delivery of the car early in 2019, and immediately stored it since it was wintertime. I have driven the car less than 10 kilometres. I am attempting to be as transparent as possible in my ad, although with such limited seat time in the car, there could be some things which I have not noticed.

Notable Options:
V161 6-speed transmission
‘Twin-Turbo’ brakes (some SZ-R cars have these, and some do not. It is hit or miss.)
LSD Differential (A02B)
Toyota window wind-deflectors
S2 car with S2 headlights, taillights, turn signals, front bumper, bumper, gauges, etc.

Many cars that come across from Japan are incredibly poorly kept, gaudy, and have been owned by people who make some questionable (at best!) choices. I was fortunate enough to find a car that was stock. Completely stock body (including front bumper complete with the extra S2 radiator bar), engine, exhaust, and interior.
The following is my assessment of the car. Please do keep in mind that I am not a mechanic, although I am someone that is incredibly picky with his vehicles. I have listed everything that bothers me with the vehicle and all of the items that I would want to change should I choose to keep the car.

This car presents really nicely. Overall it is in good shape, but it is not free of defects. The car received a Grade 4.0 in the Japanese auctions, and shows accordingly.
Paint: The paint is overall in good condition. The car is not perfect, although it presents well for a car with just shy of 100k kilometres. It looks wonderful in the sunlight, and is clear that the previous owners took care of the paint as there are not too many swirls etc.

Most notably, there are four issues:
There is a 1” spot on the hood where the paint is cracking. It is located above the driver’s side headlight.

The driver’s side rear brake pod has a scratch on it.

The roof, as common with many Supras, has dull paint. A polish could help the roof drastically.

There is a small paint chip on the passenger side front fender.

Everything on the exterior of the vehicle is OEM. There are OEM Toyota wind deflectors for each window (one with a small crack). The fenders have not been rolled, and there has been no addition of anything aftermarket aside from a set of tasteful three-piece wheels.

Dents: There are a few light dents on the body, although nothing major or concerning. These should be able to be removed with a painless dent removal system.

Headlights: The headlights are in fairly good shape, although as with most S2 headlights, the chrome trim rings have seen better days.

The interior of this car is very nice. It has not been the victim of poor early-2000s choices: there are no auxiliary gauges drilled into the dashboard as so many Supras from of Japan seem to have. Everything in the interior presents very nicely. The seats—front and rear—are free of rips or tears. The carpet presents well, although has a stain under the passenger floor mat which I would imagine could be taken out. The dash is in excellent condition and has limited lifting or warping. The plastics all are in nice shape with very little signs of wear.

The only items with visible signs of wear on the interior are the touchpoints: the steering wheel, shift knob, and emergency break handle. They are not concerning, but it is clear they have been used.

Wheels & Tires:
The car is sitting on a set of Forgeline ZX3 3-piece forged wheels. The wheels are forged, incredibly light, and strong. They are in excellent condition with few defects.
F: 19×9.5 +49
R 19×10.5 +36

F: 245/35/19 – Michelin Pilot Super Sport
R: 275/30/19 – Michelin Pilot Sport
The front tires are in good condition, however the rears will need replacing.

The engine works just as it should. It starts up immediately (even after sitting for the winter), idles perfectly, and revs as it should. There are no oil leaks, and visually nothing that I can see that is concerning. There is new coolant and oil in the motor.

Based on my assessment, I would say that the clutch is the only mechanical issue to addressed on the car. The clutch engages quite high on the pedal stroke and slips during acceleration. I am not sure if this is a question of clutch wear, or strictly pedal adjustment. I imagine this is a moot point, as the next owner will likely do a full 2JZ GTE swap, and at that point it would make sense to change the clutch anyway. Regardless, it’s a point to be noted.

The transmission shifts as it should, and goes into every gear with zero issues. It feels identical to my other Supras’ V160/V161 transmissions.

Everything in the car works as it should. The lights all work, as do the horn, turn signals, wipers, windows, power mirrors, power locks, etc. A previous owner did opt to put in an aftermarket headunit, CD changer, and GPS in the vehicle; these additions can be easily reversed.

A Note to US Buyers:
I understand that this car is not federally legal in the United States, although I expect there to be some interest from buyers in the US. I am willing to, within reason, help a US buyer arrange storage locally in Canada if that is an interesting proposition. I am located 60 miles from New York State, so the vehicle could be held relatively close to the border. I am happy to discuss this further. The car is located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Alternatively, I am happy to bring the vehicle to the US in order to simplify the transaction, or simply to assist in shipping to help the buyer. The car is not being driven and is stored in my garage until it is sold. The number of kilometres will not change.

Included with the sale of the vehicle is all of paperwork I have on the vehicle, including the importation and auction documents from Japan.