The BMW Steptronic Transmission—Best of Both Worlds

For drivers who are passionate about performance, there has long been a compromise when choosing between a manual and an automatic transmission. Sure, a manual gearbox offers more control under those conditions when you need it, but an automatic gives you the flexibility of letting the car decide the shift times when necessary—like during your […]

How Long You Should Wait After Repair to Wash Your Car

After having bodywork completed on your vehicle, it’s customary to wait to wash it. Though the recommendations vary depending on the body shop and the services you received, the general reasoning is the same. Doing so too early can jeopardize the health and performance of the paint. Why Waiting Matters There are different opinions regarding […]

BMW of Freeport Blog 2020-01-15 07:24:54

Electric Car Charging Stations Near NYC, Long Island, and Tri-state Area Plug-in hybrid vehicles and electric cars may be relatively new, but there are public charging stations where you can give your car some juice. Many of these charging stations are located near shopping centers, restaurants, parking lots and other public places. There are three […]

How To Lease a Used Car

When it comes to car leasing, most people just assume that it has to be a new car lease. After all, the whole idea is to keep trading up your vehicle as quickly and easily as possible so that you always have a reliable and different vehicle at your fingertips. But there’s no reason why […]

All New Redesigned BMW X4

As one of the most advanced and efficient automakers on the planet, BMW never passes up an opportunity to take its vehicles to the next level. This commitment to innovation and improvement is on display with the redesigned X4. Long celebrated for its sleek, sporty appearance and smooth handling, this sport activity coupe now has […]

BMW’s Autonomous Driving Plan for the Future

BMW has always been at the forefront of driving and automotive technology, providing buyers with “the ultimate driving machine” for decades. That commitment to offering the best, most superior vehicles on the road has extended to the world of autonomous driving; the company recently announced its intention to offering a fully autonomous vehicle as early […]